Our Health & Wellbeing Programmes


The Neighbourhood Health Improvement Project

This project addresses physical and mental health through a range of programmes including physical activity, health promotion and awareness and health improvement initiatives such as smoking cessation, gardening, GP referral, cancer referral, teenage fitness, men's health and winter health.





The Health Promoting Homes Programme

This encourages parents to look at the link between personal development, nutrition, physical activity and health.


Life Choices Programme

This is for young people covering topics such as sexual health, healthy relationships, drugs & alcohol, self esteem, confidence building and media awareness. The young people experience what it is like to care for a baby for 24 hours with our realistic baby simulator dolls and also gain skills and knowledge with everyday First Aid, Cook It, physical activity and team building exercises.

Life choices



One to one confidential counselling to individuals and couples. The programme is for people coping with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma etc as well as those who have suffered all types of abuse, bereavement, difficult relationships, family or personal issues.


Families Achieving Change Together. A family support service for families with young people who attend post primary schools in the Triax area. Programmes are based on the needs of the families and individuals.


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Food & Nutrition

Promoting and delivering nutritional based programmes including food for thought and Cook It! 6 week programmes to provide people with the knowledge and skills they need to have a healthier diet for them and their families.

Prostate Cancer Exercise Referral Programme

This is a 12 week one to one exercise and nutritional programme for men who have experience of prostate cancer.  Our instructor who will take you for 11 weeks physical activity and 1 nutritional session will be provided by our qualified nutritionist.  The programme will be tailored made due to your abilities and limitations through any stage of treatment.  You will receive support throughout each  sessions and advice on actives you can do at home.  At the end of the programme you will receive 3 months free gym pass or be included into our group sessions.

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